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Falling Waters

The fourth township park, known as Falling Waters Park, is a historical park located at the corner of Hammond and Cross roads. Information regarding Falling Waters Park is available in the history section.

Gallagher Park

Spring Arbor Township has four township parks and one county park within the township borders. Gallagher Park is located on Second Street and is approximately a ten-acre park offering baseball and softball facilities, as well as a soccer-playing area, a pavilion with restrooms and playground equipment. Gallagher Park was built in the early 1980's and was named after Spring Arbor Township Supervisor Byron “Fritz” Gallagher. In 1997 a parking lot was added on the corner of Victor and Sharon streets to accommodate the park users.
If you are interested in using the pavilion for a family reunion you must fill out a park use application at the township office. The bathrooms can be opened for your function. There is a fee for the use of the bathrooms; $50.00 must be paid before the event. After the event is over, $25.00 will be returned to you provided that there is no damage to the facilities. Park hours are from dawn to dusk.

Ogle Park

Ogle Park is located on the campus of Spring Arbor University on Second Street near Ogle Avenue. Four tennis courts are available for public use and are also used by the college students. The tennis courts are available on a first-come first-serve basis and are open during daylight hours.

Snyder School

A Greek-Revival Schoolhouse
An 1840's authentically renovated Greek Revival style schoolhouse is the latest addition to the Spring Arbor Township park system. Located on Star Road, south and west of the Senior Center, it houses a replicated schoolroom on the main floor and a historical records museum in the basement. It’s another project of the Spring Arbor Historical Committee spearheaded by Becky Cunningham and Lloyd Ganton. Open only by appointment, visitors may call Spring Arbor Township [750-2800] to request a tour for groups or individuals. The building is handicapped accessible; however, water and toilet facilities are available only at the nearby Senior Center.
Log benches built by Lloyd Phillips from logs donated by Stan Lyon serve as student seating. Because the school did not have a belfry, a school bell has been mounted on a pedestal at the school's back entrance.
The lower level of the building contains a wealth of primary historical information available for historians, genealogists, and any other interested history buff or citizen. Information includes copies of original Spring Arbor Township's abstracts collected by various members of the historical committee; original, handwritten, family history manuscripts; an original 1858 six-foot Jackson County map, copies of early township maps framed and on display; Potowatomi and other Indian tribe histories and artifacts; 8-10 early Jackson County and Township histories and pictorial and written copy tracing the construction/renovation of the Falling Water Park, the Veterans Memorial and the Greek Revival Schoolhouse.

Harmony Park

 The third township park, most often referred to as Harmony Park , has had many new improvements over the last few years. The park is located behind McDonald’s, in between the Senior Center and the Fire Station. The park is home to the Snyder School House and Museum, a renovation effort completed by the Historical Committee. The improvements to the park have been two playground areas which have seen many hours of use by Warner School children and youth from the neighborhood area. Benches have been added in the last year to offer respite for parents watching their children play. In the summer and fall of 2004, the basketball court was constructed (directly behind the Fire Station) and the softball diamond was moved and completely renovated. In the fall of 2005, the members of the Park Committee and other volunteers from the Township donated their time to construct the new pavilion. It is a 40’ x 60’ open-air structure. This was a major undertaking and took several months to complete, but the end result is a beautiful complement to the rest of the park. Our thanks go out to John Ball for donating his labor to roof the pavilion and many thanks to Spring Arbor Lumber for their donation of time and their forklift to allow us to move the materials. A big thanks to Stan Lyon for the use of his time and equipment to place the trusses on the beams, and a big thanks to Robert Pohl for providing labor and equipment to dig the holes for the supporting beams. The Township Board and the Park Committee are extremely grateful to all who helped in this construction project to make our community a nicer place to live. In the summer of 2006, our plans are to pour the cement floor for the pavilion and providing the funds are available, we will add picnic tables and outdoor grill equipment.
Future plans for this park include the construction of a walking path that will meander around the entire park and connect to the Senior Center. Benches and landscaping will be the final addition to complement the walking path. The path is intended to have mile markers for those interested in using it as a fitness path. The original plans for the park also include a putting green which will be located in the southwest corner of the park.

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