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Spring Arbor News

October 10, 2013
At its September meeting the Spring Arbor Township board approved an extension of the municipal water system from Dearing Road to Wakefield Court.  The expected cost is $46,600.  OMM Engineering of Grand Rapids (Township engineers) provided the engineering for the project and will oversee construction, and Mead Brothers of Springport will handle the construction.
This extension addresses a system weakness noted by the MDEQ in their last review.  Although there has never been a service interruption to the “village” area (rough boundaries being Henderson, Richard, Mathews, and Carter) of the Township, this extension will provide a second source of water for the “village”.  Additionally, there will be a marginal increase in water availability during heavy usage periods.
It is expected that work will begin the week of October 15, 2013 and will continue approximately four (4) weeks.


Have you noticed the old car wash is gone? The new foundation on the site is for K&J Tire's new store. This will be a state of the art automotive service center. The steel frame building structure is scheduled for deliver the week of September 23. Their grand opening is scheduled for mid December. The Kail family has been serving the Jackson area for over 20 years, and now they look forward to serving Spring Arbor. Check out their website: www.KJTire.com.


On the south side of Spring Arbor Road the DEQ has begun the cleanup of soil contamination. This is a long stading situation. Approximately 6,000 tons of soil will be removed and transferred to an approved disposal site in the Toldeo area. For more specific information you may contact Ms. Lori Aronoff at 517-780-7839. She is the Senior Environmental Quality Analyst at the DEQ's Jackson District Office. 

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